Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tuesday 17th October 1939

Pond had been ok last night, but felt foul today. Dean “came all over queer” on his way home and “shot the cat” (spewed) on the kitchen floor when he got there. This news of fellow sufferers, cheered me up surprisingly!

Jacko appeared whilst I was in the NCO’s drill squad at noon. “May I fall out, sir?” I asked the RSM “I have to report to the canteen. Canteen Orderly sir”. “Get away then” he said.

Jacko followed as I marched smartly off the parade ground and we walked down the road together. We chuckled at our last night’s experiences.

Parting of the ways when we reached Duke Street – I to the canteen, he to his home and from there to the station… Double handclasp. “Cheerio old man, look after yourself”.
“Our next drink together must be on Armistice Night”
“All the best”


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