Thursday, August 28, 2008

Friday 2nd August 1940

Just came off regimental guard. Then – frantic cleaning up for tomorrow. Had to be done by darkness; my kit is in the open as tents are being dug in at present. 18 inches below ground with an 18 inch bank of earth around it – ARP. So we live in the open until our particular hole is complete. Only Ron Hadlow and I left at the moment. “How are you Steve?” asked passers-by as they saw me cleaning up hastily. “Going bloody mad, mate, otherwise OK,: I'd reply in correct Army style.

We should have been in Egypt by now but there's been a hitch somewhere. Apparently plans have been altered and our move indefinitely postponed. Training is no longer “intensive”. I've volunteered for some mysterious Army of irregulars which is being raised to harass the Italians, probably in Abyssinia or the southern Sudan. Little known about the force except that applicants must be unmarried and prepared to spend long periods away from civilisation. Probably good training for a gangster!


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