Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday 25th July 1940

We moved, at about 12:30a.m to the new position Command Post and exchange in a moonlit orchard of some sorts. White-clad Arabs watched suspiciously as we scrambled gingerly through a hole in the cactus hedge. Plenty of work then – and we were all very tired, hungry and sleepy.

When it became light (after hours of chaotic communications) things were not so bad. There were bunches of grapes all around us, so no wonder the Arab was watchful! We bought them from him at the rate of three bunches – 1 piastre. Fitful sleep between midday and three, cowering under the vines. The sun kept seeking us out however, mercilessly, as the small shadow shifted. There were flies... Stan Ling came to relieve us for two or three hours. Whilst he was in the hole apparently all lines failed and they had to utilise the other exchange.

Qute pleasant as it became cooler though.Supper came up at 9:30p.m. and we augmented the usual stew by two tins of baked beans, purchased from the wagon lines. Slept (in an open patch, not under the vines) from 10p.m. to 12 midnight. Which ended today! We return tomorrow; I've enjoyed this Scheme and look with gloomy foreboding to the return to Camp and bullshit. Shall enjoy having a wash though, and, with luck, a swim.


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