Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Saturday 13th July 1940

Half holiday! And I was not on duty from 6pm. onwards! So I went into Nathanya alone, and had supper (the eternal eggs and chips) at a cafe there. The rest of the evening, with one break, was spent in beer swilling. During the “break” I went out and bought a really good wristwatch, leaving the other one in part exchange. Haggled down from £2-15-0 to £2-2-0 (the watch seller liked to talk in English terms of money!)

Things were pretty rowdy in the cafe when I returned. Cracknell had spewed twice as he sat at the table; Goodwin's trousers were soaked in beer; Leonard giggled helplessly; Butler lurched around. Men were standing up and singing doleful, slow songs whilst their mates glared savagely around. “Gi'us order now! The singer's on 'is feet!” “Silence lads, a good song and a good singer!” “Crikey, there'll be a fight here soon!” chuckled Sid Pond.

After closing time, a little nauseated, I left the others and had more egg and chips in a little blacked out cafe. (Might have been tight myself if I'd not gone out for the watch, earlier on. In the interval the others got several pints ahead.) I walked home (home!) alone along the beach. Ah! It was exquisite alone-ness! With the moon shining on the restless waves and breakers! Very late at night and time to dream.

Reached camp, without meeting anyone, at midnight.


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