Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday 11th July 1940

Chiefly “maintenance” today, in preparation for tomorrow's drill order (reveille will be at 4a.m. and all that).

Some time ago I sent an article - “written during a nostalgic evening in the canteen” - to the Divisional magazine, “The Hobby Horse”. I received a nice letter from the editor in return and then forgot about it. Today, however, Ling showed me a current copy of “The Hobby Horse” and there was my little article, child of my homesick thoughts and memories! “Home Thoughts from Abroad:1940” I daresay it was the closing phrase that won publication; “...And some day we'll get back there, for that is the country and those are some of the things for which we shall fight.” Or words to that effect! Proudly, I mailed a copy home to my Mother. Guess it will get there before winter, probably late in autumn.


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