Thursday, August 21, 2008

Monday 6th May 1940

A two-day drill order. Everything done in a more pukka manner than usual. With me in M1 were Goodwin (CP.In) Grant and Pendlebury (maintenance men) Jacobovitch (B link) and Gilbert (A link) Bombardier Payne also travelled with us as a sort of supernumary. I think he’s learning the NCO i/c Signals job. Certainly he’s a good bloke and knows a lot more than the rest of us.

I wore a borrowed forage cap. The sun scorched my unprotected forehead. Hadera, Binyamina then inland, steeply into the hills. Zikhron Ya’agov (Zammarin), a pretty village about 150-160 metres up. We found Echelon B and came to bivouac in a valley some ten kilos further on. I slept on a rocky hillside, with the exchange alarm-bell beside my pillow. Two blankets, my greatcoat and a ground sheet, my trousers for a pillow. Turned-in about 9 o’clock. I looked for a moment at the stars all around me, then closed my eyes and slept, log-like.


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