Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday 27th January 1941

1p.m. Moved at dawn this morning and are now about 30 miles further west. The Italians we were to have engaged have “buggered off” as the CPO states. For the present we are in dispersion area. maybe we'll wait here all night, maybe not very long. Where are we? Pretty well forward, probably as far west as, and to the south of, Derna.

Nearby is a small British tank, abandoned after yesterday's tank battle. We climbed inside; it was very cramped, a two-man tank. The wireless operator/gunner had recently been writing a letter. It was unfinished. We were curious enough to read it. It was full of love and concern for one Doreen. Nothing must happen to her, he was quite safe; Iti was on the run... Beside his seat was a bloody big hole, torn through the steel. The no.9 set was cracked... Quite safe!


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