Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday 14th January 1941

Sidney and I had a bath in a looted wash basin containing about a quart of water. It was grandly refreshing; the water was viscous and muddy when we'd finished!

We continue to shell Tobruk with monotonous regularity. They don't shell us much, now. Altogether, it's much quieter than at the siege of Bardia.

Sidney and I,crouching in the exchange dugout tonight, have been working out the words of an old song we both like. We sang part of it 15 months ago (October '39) at Chelmsford whilst sitting, cleaning earthpins, one rainy morning. We've now remembered the words of the chorus and five verses:-

“... Now I thought I'd learnt my lesson,
Thought the girls and me were through,
But I met a fair young maiden
Who said she'd always love me true...”

There's a rough wind tonight; but it has been a summer-like day. Marvellous.


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