Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Thursday 2nd January 1941

6p.m. and nearly dark. Since midnight, Grant and I have been lying quietly in a hole just long enough, just wide enough, and 18 inches deep. Solid rock prevented our making it deeper, which is very unfortunate.

We got here (all M1) at about 8p.m. and worked until midnight. It was very cold. Then they left us. It was strange to see the long train of grim but friendly vehicles going away, leaving us alone. It's been quite snug in the hole – a strip of corrugated over our heads and the camouflage netting spread over the rest. Six o'clock! Soon they'll be returning and within twenty four hours, perhaps, the battle – our first battle – will be over. It's difficult to write; so I'll lie down, snug and warm while I can,, and dream awhile. It'll be cold enough later on and there'll be no time for dreaming!


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