Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday 31st December 1940

This afternoon I drove M1 along the bumpy track to Fort Capuzzo and got a load of corrugated sheeting and timber from the abandoned Iti dugouts. When I returned, full of pride, Sidney had some bad news for me. There were rumours that we'd be moving to an entirely new position quite soon – so my zeal may have been wasted. However tonight, although there was no water for washing, I feel much more clean for I have changed everything that it was possible to change – socks, pant, vest, shirt and slacks.

We got a bit of news from home today. Bardia, now encircled, is still holding out. We laughed at that! USA promises more aid for Great Britain. London yesterday had it's worst air raid: A concentrated attack with incendiary bombs; an obviously deliberate attempt to destroy the city. What comment could anyone make on that?
Among historical places damaged, was “The Cheshire Cheese” Inn. And this is New Year's Eve! Normally, John and I with a few others, perhaps, whom John would hopefully call “potential Blacksheep” would be meeting at “The Cheshire Cheese” tonight.


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