Monday, September 08, 2008

Tuesday 24th December 1940

Gee!!” squeaked Denny Search as mysterious machine gun firing sounded in our rear and on our right flank. “There are Iti all around us, boy,” I said. “Yes!” he yelled, “Gonna crush us! Gee! A crushing remark, that!”

Pond and I huddled in Ling's hole, not quite sheltered from the wind, and smoked wind-spoilt cigarettes. “Wonder how long it'll last?” “And when it's over - ?” “This war will revolutionise the world” said Pond. “Yes, there'll have to be some changes after this” agreed Ling.

As we were turning in tonight, the guns all around us and those of B Troop, opened up. Vicious flashes in the darkness. And of course, Iti answered. They're game, the garrison of Bardia. Guns all around but they fight back, undefeated and in answer to our “heavies”, there comes the challenging roar of Bardia Bill, the one heavy gun in town.


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