Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Saturday 28th December 1940

On duty until 4a.m. Awakened at 5a.m. by the usual roar of guns (there are some “mediums” near us) and presently the answering swish! and crash! of Iti shells. We are accustomed to this morning “hate” now and most of us just roll deeper in the blankets and fall asleep again.

Strange! I mentioned the water yesterday for this morning we received the first issue of fresh water. Although chlorinated it was nectar! Slight sandstorm today. Foul.

Near Fort Capuzzo (I'd gone back there with a lorry to pick up some abandoned Iti signal cable) I found an Iti shell case. Nice if I can take that home! I always envied the two brass shell cases which Father had when we were at Wolfhampcote. A difficult thing to lug about though – it's about 30 inches long!

“Scrounged” some cheese tonight and had a rare feast in the exchange dugout. The subsequent State Express 555 tasted fine. (I bought 100 of these at Mena.)


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