Friday, September 26, 2008

Saturday 22nd March 1941

There was a bit of a “panic” this evening, when it became known that 200 Jerry tanks had arrived in this sector. I don't mean that the authorities became highly perturbed; but only that certain measures for dealing with these tanks, if necessary, were suddenly put into operation.

Middle shift on the exchange tonight, so I have the bed. The time is 5:45a.m. - only a few minutes before I'm relieved. Ye Gods! I've been anticipating that moment for nearly three hours! I'm so tired tonight, and so cold. Those blankets which I can dimly see on the bed in the far corner! Soon I'll roll between them, to warmth and oblivion. And now I lean over and waken the next man... This dug-out smells stale and dirty.


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