Thursday, September 25, 2008

Friday 14th March 1941

5:20p.m. and here I am, having a furtive cigarette in the cab of my lorry, at the AAD
about 4 miles from Tobruk. I've just taken on about 20 cwt. of HE shells and charges. This is a new Ford V8 30cwt. truck and the cab is completely enclosed, so that I'm able to enjoy my smoke (doubly so because I'm at an ammo. dump and smoking is naturally not encouraged) despite the fact that there's a nasty dust storm on – squalls; visibility varying from 10 to 120 yards. We shall be moving off shortly.

P.S. After a look from the window, I'm quite convinced that it's not fit outside for the traditional man or beast. Inside however, it is snug as the traditional bug-in-a-rug and qwise. The name of this lorry – chalked on mudguards and above the windscreen – is “APRILCHEN'.


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