Thursday, September 25, 2008

Saturday 8th March 1941

In the picturesque little seaside bivouac near Mersa Matruh. Sunny days. Until the second leave party returns, I'm NCO i/c Sigs. (Acting, temporary, non-substantitative) and have a certain amount of running about to do in addition to M1 work.

Yesterday afternoon however, Stan and I went to the beach and found a rock where we could take a plunge into 5 foot of clear, blue-green, invigoratingly cold water. In the evenings we sit in “X” car, with the light on, reading or writing, and hearing the news. Before we go to bed (in Stan's “tent”) we have a brew and some supper. Last night it was fried potatoes, tonight it is fried bacon, beans and fish cakes. Marvellous grub now and plenty (Qwise Keteer in fact) so we're usually able to scrounge something extra for an evening fry-up. I'll be sorry when the rest return, the day after tomorrow!


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