Friday, September 26, 2008

Sunday 16th March 1941

Up those winding escarpment roads this morning! Aprilchen roared up nicely (clouds of blue-grey tobacco smoke pouring out of the cab). After we'd reformed at the top, things went fairly well and we did the rest of the journey at a speed of about 48 kilos per hour, only one vehicle being in tow.

Glorious mountain lands! Stunted trees, green bush land and farm country. After lunch I was the last vehicle in the convoy. By this time, it was a perfect summer's day. Once as the road twisted through woody sunlit slopes, the convoy suddenly increased speed and I lost touch. I roared along many miles without sighting anyone. Once I made a halt to get out and light my pipe! I knew this was a perfect afternoon and was very happy and a bit sad as each second slipped away. “Lonely road, slipping away, lonely road, come back some day”. Now I'd have a cigarette. There were still a few Capstan in my gilt emergency ration tin/fag case...

Today's journey was about 100 miles and I must confess I felt some regret when I saw familiar faces and knew I was back. We delivered the trucks to 414. Felt quite sentimental when someone took my truck away from me! It took a hell of a while to get my kit over to 339, and I lost my Iti water bottle in the process. Hell!

We move tomorrow, to the new “bluey”, far beyond Benghazi.

Bright spot! There was a birthday cable: “Greetings and keep smiling darling – April Aiken”


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