Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday 17th November 1941

All quiet: so far there is no sign of a British blitzkreig, nor has anything come of the rubber boat panic.

Rain last night (it was pretty grim, lying unsheltered in the open) and cool all today. There is no agony of thirst nowadays, we are content with three mashes of tea per day and the “brew” has lost it's significance!

There is a lightening storm on now and a high wind with scurrying clouds racing over the dark night sky. It is 6:30p.m. and I'm sitting beside Bob in the electric-lighted exchange dug out. I'm on duty tonight – midnight – 3a.m. - for we only at present need to do a night duty every third night. So we're able to get much more sleep than formerly, thank God. By the time I was evacuated last summer I was quite nearly crazy through thirst, heat, lack of sleep and worrying about the mess I made of things in England. I now only have to contend with one torment, instead of four.


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