Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thursday 6th November 1941

Evening out. There won't be many more. The moon is waning and there are already rumours of a draft up to Tobruch.

Whilst waiting for Steve in a Cairo cafe, I read the paper. What a ghastly world!

“10,000 tons of bombs rained on enemy in last 3 months. Cologne still heads RAF's grim list”
“Britain Rushing Planes and Pilots to aid Beleaguered Moscow”
“Titanic artillery-tank duel outside capital”
Sebastopol ready for siege”
Serious situation in Crimea”
“Russia estimates German loses at over 3000000”
“Egyptian soldier's crime. Cuts off trigger finger to avoid military service”
“With the increasing tension in the Far East...”
“Japan's greatest fear... American bombers from Guam could reduce the Japanese towns (especially Tokio) to heaps of smouldering ashes”

What chaos, I thought gloomily. Then Steve came in, looking around. I leaned over the balcony and cupping my hands bawled, “Hi, Steve!” He waved and came up.

Bloody hot, for November, even in Egypt. This is a recognised heat wave. For about a week the daily maximum shade temperatures have varied from 98F to 120F.


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