Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday 23rd November 1941

Desultory firing into Wadi Belgassem and to the south east, continues. A few “scares” during the day which came to nothing. Tougan has been taken – or re-taken. Among the spoils were four excellent 7.5mm guns with German equipment, complete and in good order.

Message from 104 RHQ, to 339 and 414 Batteries:-

“Brigadier Chappell has expressed to CO thanks for the support which he has received from 104 RHA. Special reference work of FOOS and I-Os. He is most appreciative of work done and support provided.”

“Exchange?” “Sir.” “Pass this on to everyone. The official British communiqué states that we have taken Bardia, also that Sollum and Helfaya are surrounded.”
“And Fort Capuzzo?” “Yes, we've got Capuzzo too. Broadcast that, will you?”
“With pleasure, sir.”


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