Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wednesday 19th November 1941

This afternoon we have heard the first “push” news. Fort Maddelena, on the frontier, far to the south of Helfaya and Sollum, had been captured and it's aerodrome converted into an RAF base! Apparently all aerodromes in Eastern Libya were attacked yesterday and our fighters also flew in search of prey.

Later we heard that the main advance along the coast was proceeding satisfactorily, also that our advanced armoured forces had already reached a point 25 miles south of Tobruch. This latter report seems incredible. We have been fighting most of the afternoon but in desultory fashion and without receiving any reply from the enemy.
Now the mediums behind us have taken up the tale – Crack-Thud! From our OP's they can observe fires and explosions in the enemy lines, some distance away, beyond our gun range.


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