Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bloody Tobruch (a parody on “I passed by your window”)

We came to your wire when the battle was red,
Minefields all around us, the tank traps ahead.
Some rifles and water six men and a truck;
By guess and by God, we got to Tobruch.

For nine weary months now they've had us penned here,
Mass bombing and shelling and dust and no beer;
Nine months of flies, fleas, lice, thirst and hot sun;
And oh! we are glad the Relief has begun.

We came from the wire in the cool of the night,
The corpses watched sadly, so still and so white;
And O I sang softly as I crouched in the truck
“Good-bye and Goddamn you, hell's bloody Tobruch.”


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