Sunday, November 30, 2008

Friday 30th October 1942

We've had nice weather lately but today was very dusty again. The Aussies attack tonight in the north; tomorrow night we support an attack here by the New Zealanders. The offensive to “end the war in North Africa” is developing into static artillery duels... Jerry is now putting down fresh minefields... Anyhow we've taken 3000 prisoners, so far.

Two Stuka raids since my last entries, each by 20 or so planes. They were aiming at a medium Regiment next door to us, but we could hear the scream of the bombs. Two killed and two wounded – in our new battery. Total regimental casualties – killed and wounded – are little more than a dozen so far. A man here was wounded at breakfast time this morning. That was only a stray shell. Jerry puts down concentrations of about 20 rounds every now and then (his guns have been more busy today). His salvos crept nearer and nearer this morning until they fell 100 yards in front of “C” Troop guns, and about 200 yards from us.

(Splinters whistled around; I lurked behind the rear wheels of “K”)

Then – to our relief! - Jerry switched his concentrations, and the salvos began to drop about 400 yards to our left. So they haven't quite fixed us yet! Still, our turn may come; we've been busy in this battery, improving our slit-trenches today.


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