Sunday, November 30, 2008

Friday 23rd October 1942

Well, tonight is THE night – for phase one, anyhow. The barrage commences at 10p.m. tonight, in the sector to which we are going, and we have to be ready to move by that time. The Colonel gave a short address this morning - different from what the bullshitting Col. Todhunter might have said and more human than we should have received from the harsh, military Col. Matthews (now CRA). He said much of what the OC had already said, emphasising the grimness of the next few days. Strangely, he gave us a text to keep in mind: “Be thou of good courage... for the Lord thy God is with thee.” And he ended by saying, “And so – Good luck to you all!” How different to the methods of the Base Depot RA!

There was a good deal of gunfire last night – far away to the north.
It is 4p.m. We'll soon have to start getting the truck ready. God knows there's plenty to be loaded! Cliff Hanley, “Blue” Tyrer and I have beguiled the hours – when not busy – by discussing the theory of music; modern poetry, Byron – Shelley – Tennyson poetry; and the history of dance music.

I have managed to obtain 4 ozs of issue tobacco (Broad Cut) It is ghastly, but smokable.


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