Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thursday 22nd October 1942

Dusk: I am sitting in the wind-shielded cab of “K” truck, enjoying a Gold Flake cigarette. (How different to the issue, “V for Victory” cigarettes, which we call “Vichy”!) Things are very pleasant whilst we wait here. A final NAAFI issue came today and we each had 200 Players Navy Cut, death tubes. I had over a hundred fags before, half of which were the terrible Vichy type and the rest Gold Flake and Capstan. Tobacco is scarce though. They don't seem to get any up here. Today Stan Gregory (“Woggery”) gave me about 2 ozs. of dry, assorted foul tobacco which he had found. It is in a fine powdered form; I eke it out with the cigarette butts of the crew of “K”. I also have an unopened 4 ozs. tin of “Afrikander” in my pack – but I'm keeping that as battle ration.

Dusk has become night. The moon should be at the full tomorrow. A cool evening wind has arisen and I'm glad to be in the warmth of “K” right now. The dusty track by which we are parked is getting busy as the darkness gathers. A stream of lorries is passing now; all going frontwards. As usual!


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