Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thursday 15th October 1942

I have been removed from M1, and put on K – still in the HQ Troop of 519 Battery. It seems I am sort of “spare file” at the moment – I might even have been posted elsewhere, but in view of my long and good service (I quote!) they have found this job for me. It should be pleasant – while it lasts, for I cynically never expect good jobs to last very long – as it will be varied sort of work. Also, K has a “chummy” small crew, consisting of one officer, one driver and two signallers.

My job is not so much wireless operating (the real operator seems quite competent!) as being a sort of ack. to the Battery Captain. There are various administrative duties in this direction, and trotting about from truck to truck, compiling masses of figures for Daily Returns etc. Furthermore, of all officers, this battery Captain happens to be Appleby Adams. So it shouldn't be too bad here – while it lasts.
K is an all steel Dodge truck, the interior of which can be blacked out at night...


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