Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Epilogue to Starshine 1942

"Sometimes the measure of a song once known
In dim forgotten days will stab the heart,
A tenderness one thinks he has outgrown
Comes surging back and makes the quick tears start.

All in a throng perhaps a voice is heard
Like one we knew – then fades and dies away;
And memories that slumbered long are stirred -
The mind goes backward to a distant day.

It is as if a cloud has veiled the sight,
With power both to sadden and to bless,
That brings us sorrow blended with delight,
And leaves a strange and haunting loneliness.”

(“Strange Loneliness” by Margaret Bruner)


Yimkin Arab = Maybe
Teaki Hindustani = All right
Inter mascine? Arab = You are poor?
Awa Arab = Yes
Kam? Arab = How much?
Shufti Arab = Show, look
Igri! Arab = Quick!
Ana mascine Arab = I am poor
Gibbet Arab? or pidgin English = Give me

New Desert Titles for Diaries.

(Such titles as “Twilight” and “Morning Mists” are hardly applicable in Middle East.)

Approx period

February-March - DAWN
March- April – WINDRISE
April-May – MIRAGE
May-June – HIGH NOON
July-August - KHAMSIN
August-September – DUST
September-October - WINDSFALL
October-November – EVENING
November- December – STARSHINE
December-January – MIDNIGHT
January-February – STILLNESS

Resolve: August 1942

When I get home,and this war is over and there is “peace”, I will seek out some skilled politician who seems different and ask him if he can do, if he intends to do, anything to lead us to build a happier country. If he disappoints me, I will find someone else.

There must be one honest, true man who is also capable, somewhere, surely.


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