Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Friday 18th December 1942

I am in the YMCA and again, it is about 7p.m. This place affords an escape from the Army. Although full of soldiers, few are from my own unit. It is quiet and secure and permanent here. So, it is a place of escape. Lovely sleep last night. Nine and a half hours of slumber. It is expected that we shall move soon after Christmas.

One man in HQ Troop does not believe in vaccination. He is in an anti-vivisection society or something. When he refused to be vaccinated in England early this year, the Army accepted his refusal – and immediately he was drafted to the Middle East.
The Army always wins! Coming out here shook him; he was a married man, so perhaps it shook his wife as well. The Army laughs last!

However, this week he again refused to be vaccinated. Today he was interviewed and told that he certainly could refuse vaccination, if he wished, only, he must leave the Regiment. The Regiment was leaving this country, and only vaccinated men would be allowed to enter the country to which we were going... You cannot beat the Army!

He has agreed to be vaccinated.


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