Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday 15th January 1943

We crossed the Suez Canal, by a new bridge somewhere near Ismailia, at about sunset. Now (8p.m.) we're in bivouac not far from the canal, in the Sinai Desert. A long desert run tomorrow, to Bir As Huj.

Yes, we're over the Canal again. So it is true. I wasn't quite sure until, coming out of the Cowley/Mena Camp lines, the convoy turned right, towards Cairo, instead of left towards Alexandria (and the Western Desert!)

Kelly and I have cleared out some of the tables and chairs in A7 and made our beds in the narrow space thus vacated. The lantern is alight, so I'll have a few minutes read and smoke before going to sleep. Quite like old times, as they say!


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