Sunday, December 07, 2008

Saturday 2nd January 1943

I've read so much poetry lately that I'm beginning to think in rhyme – just as I did last March in Tobruch, when I produced my epic, “Land of Lost Dreams.” Now, all in the space of a few days, I have added four poems to the other children of my sentimental brain! They are:-

“When”, with two verses and an odd but rhyming line – a love poem.
“No Such Place”, of three 10 line stanzas plus two lines as an epilogue. This is a fantasy and quite original in thought!
“Sometime when I'm with you”, which is twenty lines of slop, not very good, and
“To Our Fallen”, which is of two 10 line stanzas and a bit better in style and theme.

I think “No Such Place” is the best. It looks attractive and is simple and picturesque and quaint. Anyhow, I'll keep on writing, when the mood comes, then I'll gradually find a style and may eventually write something worthwhile.


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