Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday 22nd January 1943

A sunny day – but still damn cold! The snow line on Jebel Mezzar has come down further towards the camp. We have lined the inside walls of this tin hut with rush matting. Might make it seem warmer, anyhow.
I have an unofficial assistant here whom I thought was an Arab, but who turns out to be an Armenian (Christian) whose name is - Jackson! He's a good worker. We get him food from the cook house and occasional little presents – yesterday a bar of chocolate and a wool cap, today a packet of English tea.

L/Bdr Pat Geraghty and I are otherwise alone. We get an occasional man detailed to help. We've got an office/bedroom partitioned off with rush matting. It is four times the size of my snuggery at Cowley Camp but not so warm and cosy! Praise the gods that we're in here, and not on normal duty! The bullshit is going to be ghastly.


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