Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wednesday 27th January 1943

Tonight, on the canteen wireless, we heard a recording of New Zealand bren-gun carriers and Scots pipers entering Tripoli... Yes, Tripoli fell to the 8th Army a few days ago. They're 40 miles beyond Tripoli now. Much as we hated the desert, I think most of us would like to have been there, to have reached the city we were struggling to attain for more than two years in the desert. The Allied armies seem to be advancing all over the world, this month – in the Pacific, in Tripolitania, in Russia, in Burma. They're held up in Tunisia, but soon the good old 8th Army will be there to help, no doubt.

Wonder what we're here for? Nothing in particular? Or to attack through Turkey? Or for defence in case Turkey is attacked? Meanwhile we wait and there is much bullshit. Thank God for this canteen job, I could hardly stand the ghastly bullshit that the lads are suffering now. It is as bad as the old Palestine 1940 days, by all accounts.

Jebel Mazar I find, is 1634 metres (5312 feet) above sea level. My highest hill! This camp itself is roughly 3700 feet up. More than Mount Snowdon, anyway!


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