Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wednesday 30th June 1943

Felt somewhat zift yesterday, but am quite alright today. I've been in hospital 4 ½ months, continually in a neurotic atmosphere, and it is infinitely depressing. I shudder when anyone comes up and begins to speak of his nervous ailments.

John comes up here – on parole – every day. Ha seems as normal now as when he returned from the farm, several weeks ago. Yesterday the three of us went for a walk as in the olden times, and sat smoking in the shadowy gap of a hedge. I was feeling very depressed and was saying as much, when I was saved by a bird which fluttered down beside me as though from heaven. It rose, then sank again, apparently with a damaged wing, some twenty yards off. Strangely, the others did not notice anything; they were quite surprised when I walked away and came back carrying the little cripple. It was indeed a bird of bright plumage; the feathers were green and gold and blue. I held it in my hand for some time, stroking it, then released it. The bird flew away low, but more surely this time. Whether fallen from heaven or not, that bird had made me forget my sorrows!

There are eight members of the “Boat Club” now. Lias and a man named Key have definitely joined.


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