Sunday, February 01, 2009

Friday 7th April 1944

I will always remember this Good Friday because – when I was in the MI Room this morning, I glanced at the papers a clerk was writing out concerning me, and caught sight of the words:- “... a soldier... when invalided out of the service...” Was I to be discharged? Could this dismal nightmare be ending?

I was there over an hour, whilst various forms were filled in, and finally the doctor said, “You'll be for a Medical Board in about ten days time. Before then, we'll have your teeth seen to – unless that would upset you?” “Oh no, sir, things like that don't worry me! I'm much more afraid of authority and discipline and regimentation than of any of the normal troubles.” He leaned forward confidentially. “Between you and I,” he said, “I quite agree with you! But that's off the record!”


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