Sunday, February 01, 2009

Thursday 6th April 1944

Muster parade this morning and the OC announced that all leave was cancelled and for an indefinite period. “No reason has been given,” he added laconically, “and you are not to make any speculations about possible reasons in your letters home, which will now be liable to censorship.”

I managed to get my blanco-ing done today, some at dinner time, some just before tea, and by God's grace the skies cleared and the sun shone warmly so that most of the equipment was dry by evening. I'll have time to do all the polishing of brasses tomorrow, which being Good Friday is a holiday.

In tonight's Battery Orders it states; “Bdr. Dawson to report to MI Room at 1100 hrs. tomorrow” I wonder why?

Pay parade today was a much simpler business than the confusing ordeal at Woolwich. I drew £4. Afterwards I bought a pair of shoes for 3/6d. They are old, the left shoe lacks a tongue and the right shoe has such a fragile sole that one feels every pebble of shingle or cinder or balls of hard mud that one steps upon. Nevertheless, the heels are alright and no clothing coupons were needed and they can be repaired.


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