Thursday, February 05, 2009

Saturday 3rd June 1944

Before we left the Cumberland I took a note of the patent medicines etc. that we'd acquired between us:

Whites QBC (quinine, belladonna, camphor)
TCP (solution of halogenides phenolic bodies)
Coty's Hand Lotion
Meggezones (for throat infections)
Valderma (antiseptic balm)

We're not a pair of invalids but I'd got a sore face and we were making an all-out attack on April's cold and sore throat.

We found we both felt miserable this morning (I don't think London really suits either of us) so walked around Hyde Park in cold sunshine, telling each other stories. This made us feel better, and after a decent lunch of salad we toddled out to Hampstead to see the Aunts and collect a few of my belongings. Pat and Lid were sitting sleepily in the London afternoon sunshine in their small garden. We joined them and had a cup of tea and our “miseries” were finally dispelled.

Came back to Pitsea happily in the early evening.

Violet didn't like the Hack's at Romford, so, urged by April I said to her mournfully, at the end of my account of the Paripan interview, “... And so Violet, this means April and I will have some sort of home in Essex; but I'm afraid she'll have to leave Hack's...” “And a bloody good job too!” ejaculated Vi. forcefully, as she rushed busily to the other side of the small kitchen!


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