Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Friday January 6th 1933

Ball away today – influenza. Many cases all over the Country. Left the shop 11.25 p.m. - a horrible day.

Knowledge gained -Woollerton told me of his early days, working in a slaughter house - how to kill a pig etc. Woollerton is much more approachable now since the scene of shame.

Thursday January 5th 1933

A lazy afternoon, half asleep by the fire! ‘…there is a space of life between, in which the soul is in a ferment, the character undecided, the way of life uncertain, the ambition thick sighted’. A good definition of my situation at the time.

Tuesday January 3rd 1933

Upset some boiling water on my foot at the shop. Hot water hurts. Jack Lord and Jack Garrett visited me in the evening. The Cub pack is progressing alright. Urged me to rejoin as a Rover.

Monday January 2nd 1933

Mr. May, sacked from Thorogoods is now manager in a shop nearby - Bywaters! We are considering the idea of joining him in a body. (We must have been mad to think of leaving Lanning for May, the man on wires. Lanning despite his brutal strictness, had something human about him.)

New Year’s Day 1933

Up early -for a Sunday. By tram to Stoneygate terminus then I walked beyond Oadby to see a Mr. Jones and discuss possible careers. (Nothing whatever came of this). Left 1p.m. Raining hard and no coat. Walked fast to the tram terminus. Arrived home soaked and had to change.

Afternoon and evening a talk with Mr. Wood about possible careers. Gramaphone music ‘Lullaby of the Leaves’, ‘Seranata’, ‘Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2’ as we talked. Pleasant and soothing to hear after a hard days work.

January 1st 1930 - 3years ago - I joined the Scouts. Now I drift as in a sluggish river between high banks. I do not know how I may leave the river nor which bank to climb. Maybe I will just drift… Everything now is the awful shop. Once I had leisure - Scouting, Toc H and Night School - all gone.

Saturday December 31st 1932

The Manager asked Mr.Slaughter about my transfer to Lincoln. No vacancy now but may be possible.

Paddy Regan not to be sacked. Happily restored to favour again. Dinner at Woolworths. I always determine to go elsewhere but never do. Left at 10-45p.m. again.

Just before midnight Barry and I lay awake and listened. Church bells and sirens. 1933 has begun.

Friday December 30th 1932

Left 10.45 p.m. after a terrible day. Horribly hard butter. Tried to soften it by putting the blocks on the Valor oil stove. Head and heart low.

Thursday December 29th 1932

Had to change our cloakroom from lobby to cellar today. For the first time in my butter career we finished weighing the entire stock.

Returned to work in the afternoon - because another shop was open! It was a slack time and the Manager out. Paddy had a thumping and had his trousers undone. They experimented with an electric fan and electrocuted a table! Good water fun with the hose pipe. All back to hard work when Mr. Lanning returned. Left 6p.m.

Wednesday December 28th 1932

Langley did the windows today. Great relief. How I hate that job! Paddy Regan in trouble. He asked for a Christmas Box and will probably be sacked.

Asked Mr. Lanning if I could be transferred to the Lincoln shop. He was surprisingly mild and understanding.

Tuesday December 27th 1932

Arose late again, letter writing. Packing. Visited Dad’s refrigerating showroom. Very interesting: clean and attractive.

Went to the Batchelors for tea - 8 of us!! (the incident had not yet occurred). Played Old Maid and Snap. Left early. Wilf drove me to the station. A crowded train. Changed at Nottingham. Birmingham express. Roomy Pullman coach. Thundering to the City. Ellis Avenue 10.30pm.