Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thursday 29th June 1944

My wife has given me one of her spare fountain pens and it was filled with this merry, vivid ink, which I shall continue to use.

Yesterday I was theoretically still a soldier but now I'm genuinely a civilian. My last leave pass expired at midnight last night.

“Thank God that's done, and I'll take the road, Quit of my youth and you...”
(This is an excellent fountain pen)

At 2a.m. today (two hours after I left the Army) I heard the thud of a robot bomb just as I awoke. At the same moment, Violet rushed into my bedroom crying, “Ooo! Stephen! They're coming down on us!” “I heard the bomb” I mumbled. “Sorry to disturb you,” said Vi, returning to her own room, “I forgot you didn't want to be wakened to die. Only I heard it begin diving, and the engine cut off.”

I've recorded this incident because the great statement of “I heard the bomb” was my first pronouncement as a civilian and free man, and it's therefore historic.


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