Friday, February 06, 2009

Thursday 8th June 1944

This morning I rode down to Vange, on Aphrodite, carrying a heavy suitcase in my hand. It was a bit of a sod, but I got there alright. Several letters had arrived – a pamphlet about the British Legion, an Unemployment Insurance card etc. and my Pay Book, with the coveted Discharge slip pasted in the back. Effective date of discharge 28th June 1944, Conduct exemplary, Cause “ceasing to fulfil Army physical requirements...”

Medals: Africa Star with 8th Army Clasp; Service Abroad, 7th February 1940 to 22nd December 1943; Embodied Service 4 years 301 days...

Four years! Three hundred and one days! Never again! But it doesn't seem such a long time if you write it quickly!


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