Thursday, February 05, 2009

Monday 5th June 1944

When the post arrived this morning, I took an official looking envelope into Violet with her early morning cup of tea. A moment later there was a loud cry of “Where are my eyes?” and I hastened in to the bedroom with her glasses. It was good news – a draft from the War Damage Commissioners for £6-18-0 in respect of pretty slight damage to a china cup and other articles when the bombs fell in February!

April and I had arranged to devote a few days to preliminary search for a home so I journeyed to Brentwood this afternoon and alas! met not April, but the Statutory Clerk of BMH, in cold and efficient mood as usual. We stayed the night with Bill and Connie Wallis, at their house in the hospital grounds.

“My God!” I exclaimed in bed, sleepless, “I wish we hadn't met in the Hospital this afternoon!” The Statutory Clerk, lying beside me in the dark, made no comment.


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