Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday 16th June 1944

Returned to Vange yesterday. There were Terori-shaking bumps in the night, and a good deal of aircraft about.

I went up to Town at midday. here were air raid alarms until 3 o'clock, off and on. Sensation in afternoon papers – the Jerries were using a new weapon against us, a pilotless aircraft which crashed to the earth with a heavy explosion. “The raids will probably continue, but our scientists are hard at work... There is no cause for alarm... The ghost planes are possibly propelled by rockets...”

I called at the Paripan office, saw Mr Percy Randall. I'm to commence work on July 3rd.

This was another noisy night but I slept soundly. Vi was restless and nervy, but heroically refrained from waking me.


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