Friday, February 06, 2009

Monday 12th June 1944

Yesterday, sitting in a chair at Terori, I read a Mazo de la Roche novel whilst April sprawled on top of me, chewed my ear and blew into it, all of which was very distracting. I also read aloud a magazine story whilst she filed my finger nails. such are our Sunday afternoon amusements.

April's hands and limbs twitch jumpily when she sleeps. In slumber she always seems sweetly helpless! Last night she awoke me to tell she'd just had a nightmare. It was a rather uncanny, creepy dream too! Having discussed it's weirdness and both feeling awed, we slept again.

This morning I travelled up to London en route for Wolfhampcote. April came with me as far as Upminster station. The train was crowded part of the way, so April sat on my knee. (Which procedure suited me finely!)

I reached Euston at 9 o'clock and had a cup of tea and a cake before going on the platform. Of course, I deposited my kit bag in the free cloak-room for soldiers, and of course I brought a return ticket at the cheap “Forces” rate. Might as well obtain all possible benefits from the Army whilst I can!

The 10:05 train to Rugby – and it was a sunny day. Rang Braunston 206 and heard Aunt Suzannah's vivacious voice on the phone. Eventually caught a Midland Red bus which took me to Dunchurch, and past Willoughby, until I saw Braunston's graceful spire amid the trees, on the hill.

(What a lot of trees everywhere! But this is the heart of “Woody Warwickshire”)

I stepped off the bus and was almost at once in the vivid green quietness of Chapel Field. The field seemed smaller than I'd remembered, and the distance to Wolfhampcote shorter. I must forget childhood perspectives!

I soon reached Aunt's house; she met me in a wilderness that was once the tennis court. In profile she seemed an old lady but when she looked at me full-faced, blue-eyed, I could see the old, quick, humorous fire still burning. This was a delight! She had not changed.

“I shannt roar” said Aunt defiantly, as she kissed me, misty eyed.


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