Saturday, February 10, 2007

Monday 17th April 1933

A good nights sleep. Quite fresh. H.F. Caught bus to Metheringham. Eight of us, including a visitor from Yorkshire. Our casual leader took us across various fields to American farm where we had lunch. It looked deserted at first – new tenants. Tea and sandwiches sitting in the hay. Rather cold. Six in the party – Gwen and Charlie left us at Martin.

Bus to Banff Farm, then we walked into Metheringham. Here McMelton (our casual leader and club President) and May 2 (the humorous) – not May of Sudbrooke, the races etc. – left us and caught the bus home. Charlie (taciturn red), Molly (the reserved), and Miss Yorkshire (with accent, photos etc.) went on with me to Blankney. Walked beyond the village through woods, then round across country (I led), through Blankney Park to Metheringham.

9,10 bus to Lincoln. Lincoln 10p.m. Home 10.15, most of the way with Molly. It has just struck 11.30, - now, sleep. Mileage 12.


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