Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Friday 7th April 1933

A glorious summer day again. (The papers call it “April’s little heat wave”). Those black winter days are just a ghastly memory now.

Set off at 10.30 a.m. with map, sandwiches and mackintosh. Along the Foss Dyke – Odder – Saxilby. Left the waterside here and went through Broadholme. Lunch (bully-beef) in a spinney at Five Lake Ends….High noon. Rested and nearly fell asleep. On the road again. Sat awhile on a railway bridge at Doddington Sidings. Breezy. Woody country. Wild Violets. Doddington. Mid afternoon. Rested on a tree stump for some time. The passing shower. Trees. Footpath to Swanpool. Boultham. Lost in a maze of dumps and railway lines.

Home just in time for tea. About 17 miles. Court of Honour, at Westgate. Group policy for the summer; to make a big noise generally. Yes, this is a First-Class Troop, like one in a book! Received my ASM badge tonight and passed a recruit in his Tenderfoot Test.


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