Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stray Jottings

Vigil. Written March 29th. Morning. I still think the Vigil was a wondrous inspiration. The very thing itself symbolizes so well all that it stands for! The Vigil is an Adventure, something apart from the everyday routine. Romantic. A thing calling for coolness and steadiness.

Ten days ago I came home from a ramble I had thoroughly enjoyed. Wet, muddy, tired. It was right; to all intents my day was over. And then – “…Set out again…bus…dark roads, hedges, telegraph poles…darkness, silence, wind."



Bank 1 10 0
Cash 6 8
Total 1 16 8


Bank 1 10 0
Cash 1 2 0
Total 2 12 0

Increase of £- 15.4d.


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