Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday 29th March 1933

Morning. Cleaned the house windows. Letter from Bardney – “no vacancies at present”

Afternoon. Went to the Library and met the Guide Captain (name unknown) of last night. After we had chosen our books, we walked homewards together and stood talking in Newland about half an hour. She is about 23, reads in bed by flashlight, hates dancing and is tired of home life!

Evening. Originally written at the Club social, about 11p.m. It’s a frost, on the whole; there are only about 20 here and we have not got going yet. Just now they are dancing to the tune of a piano and I appear to be the only one sitting down. Feeling frightfully loved. We began with a Whist Drive (Wireless Whist) which was good fun. Then two plays – quite good too. After a jolly game, refreshments and songs in which nobody joined. (That is the trouble; though entertainment is fairly decent, everyone seems listless). A lengthy interval of boredom was followed by this ghastly dance.

Later. Fortunately the dance soon wore itself out. We eventually dispersed about 11.45. Home through a quiet city. One o’clock fell asleep.


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