Monday, February 05, 2007

Wednesday 22nd March 1933

Labour Exchange, papers arrived. Queue “A”, Tuesdays and Thursdays. General half holiday in Lincoln today, so I did not feel so “out-of-work”.

Met the HF party – 7 of us. Dense crowds on the Carholme. Mud. The Lincolnshire! We pooled for it, on Alluvia, which came in nowhere. Thrilling spectacle. Thundering hooves. Afterwards we all went to the 5 furlong post to see the start of a race. On the way back May and I missed the others. We stood on a fence to watch the fifth race, then visited the bookies. Between us, we laid 2/- (each way) on Prince Maratha at 20 to 1 Watched the end of the race – our horse was last!

Walked as far as Broadgate with May, a tall girl with blue eyes, where we overtook the rest. Ex-servicemen playing “The Lincolnshire Poacher”. Evening. The HF club-room Guildhall Street. They were rehearsing a play, “the Bishops Candlesticks”. Met various members, new to me – also Howard of St. Faiths. “Was I disappointed?” No, she was there!


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