Monday, February 05, 2007

Sunday March 12th 1933

Hiked to Sudbrooke in the morning. The rest were already at their work and I walked through the spinneys to the lake. Sleeping waters in the sunlight; brown leaves underfoot; the quaint old boat house.

I joined Akel, Pip and the others and helped dam a stream so that the overflow ran down another course and into the lake. We had to roll two tree trunks into the water, for one thing. Hot and muddy work, done satisfactorily.

Lunch by the dam. Later seven of us ventured on the lake in a boat. Being overloaded it nearly went down. The isle; snowdrops; “Horace”, back to the dam; the pool of frogs. A sleepy walk in the woods, with Akel and Pip. Lengthening shadows and yawns. We idly inspected the lakes overflow.

We all went home at dusk. Burkey and I walked alone. Night came; many cars but no buses until we reached St. Giles. Burkeys family home. Hot dinner and cups of tea. “I was a Spy!” Hot bath and bed.


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