Monday, February 05, 2007

Sunday March 5th 1933

Up too late for assembly at Westgate so we set out for Sudbrooke alone. Robin cycling, overtook me and we went on together. He told me the worst thing in the group was favouritism.

A sunny day. Akel left at noon. I cooked my dinner on a fire in a wheelbarrow. Sausages, bacon, tomatoes and pastries. Afterwards we played in the lakeside spinnies. Scouty games; became a boy (open air type) again and was gloriously tired, dirty, hot and muddy.

Rode home on Akels bike and let the scouts think it was my first ride. They taught me cycling and amused me by their innocent interest and surprise. Evening – Court of Honour at Westgate. Still used the bike and managed my torch as a lamp.


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