Monday, February 05, 2007

Thursday March 9th 1933

Left 7.20 tonight. We now sell kippers and also unsalted butter. Nothing from Heinz Ltd. And my hopes are fading.

Sat down to consider the Vigil tonight. I read again the history of the Vigil and came to a realisation of what it stood for. It really stands for manliness and all that implies. It will not let me be content with a dull, easy or low class job, for that goes against the code. I must always struggle to climb; to seek fresh knowledge, adventure and experience. Though life may be short it must not be narrow or dull. Especially I must use self-control against the temptation to be childish, silly. This was one of the things which caused Vigil. “Cool steadiness and an adventurous spirit” “With laughter then,”- That means high hearted happiness and courage.


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