Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Monday 18th September 1933

Up early with Marjorie and Mum. The train to London, rolling forward at first, then, further south, racing; hurtling across points. Metropolis. Cosmopolitan Metropolis. Something fascinating and thrilling about it. Strand Palace Hotel where they had booked. I have not yet had the main interview but – the job is a cert!

By bus to Buckingham Palace Road and Scout HQ. Arranged to sleep at Rowland House. Had tea at Dickens Café (three other guests in a large room underground). Dinner at the Strand (Grand Hotel or Imperial Palace). Then the theatre. Charming and delightful musical play – “Music on the Air”. Colourful.

After 11 o’clock. Down mysterious, confusing tunnels to the Tube. Moving staircases. Tunnel. The smell in the air. Changed at Charing Cross. Simple. Stepney Green Station. I search for the hostel. Number 29. I climbed over gate and rang bell furiously. Door opened. Charming lady in night attire informed me wrong house and wrong road. Roland House, swiftly upstairs and to bed. Now to sleep.


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